Auto Blog Free Wordpress Theme

Auto Blog Free WordPress Theme

Auto Blog Free WordPress Theme is our first ever theme on 1 Main Street. 🙂

It’s a special theme for automobile niche blogs and for personal blogs wherein the blogger like cars. The theme is very simple with right side widget ready sidebars. It is a fixed width WordPress theme and is compatible with WordPress 2.7. The sidebar consists of space for 125×125 ad banners on the top right. For your convenience, we have already placed four blank banners in there. The theme also supports WP Image Caption functionality and Gravatar functionality.

I have personally checked the theme on major browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari.

We do not have any sponsor links etc on the theme but we will appreciate if you leave our link as the designer of the theme. Thanks

AutoBlog WordPress Theme
Auto Blog Free WordPress Theme

This Theme Has Been Downloaded 967 Times

I hope you like our Auto Blog Free WordPress Theme. If you do, then don’t forget to spread a word about us.

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