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Buy Sell Domains? Where To Register?

Domain Registrars
Domain Registrars

Probably the first step a webmaster learns is to find a good domain registrar. At that time, you try to search all search engines and sort out the good registrars out of the many. You probably would also contact other webmasters at different forums or probably talk to your webmaster friends. However, in the end, when you are done with your selections and analysis, you won’t find many popular registrars but probably your search will end with registrars like or

So you have selected your initial domain registrar and you start registering domains and make good websites out of them. That’s what i have done so far in my webmaster career. But now i have money and i want to buy some premium domains. Or probably i want to buy domains that are owned by another webmaster whom they wish to sell. Or i can also be wanting a domain that are being expired and has some importance to my niche/requirements. So where do i find domains like that from? Of course my old registrar ain’t going to tell me that xyz domain is expiring on this date and is available for purchase. So i tried to compile a list and ended up bookmarking two forums and two websites. Ummmm, later on, you realize that these four aren’t enough. So i searched a little more and found this page which actually has all the information i needed. It says “Where to Register Domains?” but honestly, it tells you much more than that. 🙂

The page is a compilation of good webmaster forums or marketplaces where in an individual or a company can buy or even sell their domains. Using marketplaces always give you an opportunity to get good deals on domains whether you are purchasing or selling. For example our very own domain was purchased for $xx at Digital Point Forums and it has never been dropped since year 1996. So overall a pretty good deal that i got from a marketplace. Moving on… The list of domain registrars lists around 7 popular webmaster forums/marketplaces at the moment. And they all are very popular and have heavy traffic. So a pretty good list i would say. But that’s not all. On the same page i found a list of websites/registrars that lists the domains that have already expired or the domain that are about to expire. This is really good list. Using this you can get your hands on some great domains you wanted. If you are lucky enough, you might get your hands on a domain with good Google pagerank or great traffic, probably some DMOZ listings, etc. So probably now you can get the feel of how important domains can really be! Of course if you lack knowledge about the various aspects of dropped domains, buying a dropped domain, tools for checking domains, etc, you may want to checkout the same page about “buying and selling domains” and find the articles regarding Buy Sell Domains.

Honestly, i have used this list already and in all true sense, i already have and can make more profit from it. So, to guide you in the right direction, i thought this well compiled list would be of great importance to you all. Do try it! 🙂

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