IX Web Hosting

As you might have already noticed, i am always on a lookout for good web hosts. Few months ago i came across a web host called IX Web Hosting that offered heck of a deal. I really appreciated the features they offer and specially their pricing. But i never signed up with them for hosting. Reason being that they do not accept Paypal or Google Checkout. So the only option you have is to use your credit card. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. My friends are using their services and they are pretty happy with it. I, on the other hand cannot make big payments with my credit card, that too in American currency. So heartbroken i had to quit the idea of using their service. Today i again went to their site, just hoping if they added any other payment option. Unfortunately they did not. But hey, i saw a new design at their site. Earlier version of their design was…

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