15 Essential Twitter Tools & Application

I do hope you are familiar with the best social networking service named Twitter and various Twitter Tools. It is one of the very few things that have happened on web that I’ve been excited about in ages. Twitter as it defines itself, is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? That’s right, everything comes down to the question, what are you doing?

If I had to confess honestly about twitter, when i first heard about it, i thought, Oh no! Not another MySpace copycat. It sounds totally ridiculous and stupid when you first think about it. But after using it for a month, i have realized that not only it is fun, but it is very useful in many different aspects. With Twitter, you can stay hyper–connected to your friends and always know what they’re doing. You can also make many new friends and if you are good enough, you might get thousands of followers. Besides, now i know what Britney Spears is up to or what President Barack Obama is doing. It’s just that all these celebrities or world personalities also follow twitter. Twitter puts you in control and becomes a modern antidote to information overload. If you are a webmaster or geek, then simply consider it as a micro-blogging system. 🙂

Alright, so for those who are now familiar with twitter, you might want to take a look at some awesome tools and application that you may not have heard about. I use many of these myself, so consider this as a first hand information. I haven’t categorized them as such and neither are they sorted on any basis. So just follow the whole list. You might find an application that you really wished for. 😉

  1. Group Tweet : The goodness of group messaging and broadcasting comes with this Twitter API called GroupTweet. Being a twitter user, you can create a group and ask your group friends to follow that group. Once you have a group, you can send direct messages to the whole group with just a click of button. The tweets can either be public or protected depending upon what you have opted for. Great way to spread your tweets among your group friends.
  2. Twitter Mail : Twittermail is a web service that allow twitter users to post their tweets, when sent a mail to their own unique twitter mail account. Now whatever mail service you use, you just have to provide your credentials to TwitterMail.com and all your mails sent to your TwitterMail account will be published on your Twitter account. Not cool enough? Perhaps you would understand it’s importance when you really require it some day!
  3. Tweet Beep: This is a tweet alert application and this really takes Twitter to an all new level. Tweet Beep keeps track of conversations that mention you, your products, your company, anything, with hourly updates! You can even keep track of who’s tweeting your website or blog, even if they use a shortened URL. It’s really useful application if you have a business or any online service. You can really know who and what people thing about you or your business website.
  4. Twuffer : Also known as Twitter Buffer. It’s a very useful application as it enables you, a twitter user, to compose a list of future tweets and schedule them to be posted or published on a later date. It’s basically pre-scheduling the publishing of your tweets. It can be used for multiple requirements like tweeting hourly/daily/monthly announcements or setting up appointment/milestone reminders. You may also make yourself appear that you never sleep. All up to your imagination 🙂
  5. TwitPic : TwitPic is very useful and perhaps one of the most used twitter application on net. TwitPic allows you to share images or photos on twitter. It let’s you upload photos via your cell phone, or twitpic homepage or the twitter account itself. There are even few other applications that comes up with built in TwitPic functionality. Your twitter followers can even leave their comments on the photos you upload to TwitPic.
  6. Mr. Tweet : What you probably need is a personal assistant or an agent who can manage your personal networking and thus helping you expand your network. Mr. Tweet, in a true sense is that agent you are looking for. All you have to do is follow Mr. Tweet and he sends you a direct message with details of what he found for you. You can get relevant followers as he might recommend you to others as well. It will aslo help you discover many new people who may be of great relevant to your business or networking. Plus the statistics provided are really useful for improving your twitter usage. Another must join twitter tool.
  7. Twitterholic : If you love statistics as much as i do, then you are going to love Twitterholic web tool. The tools constantly updates the most popular twitter users in world in terms of followers. Also, you can get the list of popular twitter users by country. Just search for your own twitter account and you can also know your overall twitter ranking in world and rank in your home country. I rank 19th in my country at the moment 😉
  8. Tweet Stats : Another statistic tool. I am not a big fan of it yet since i do not tweet a lot. But if you do then this may seems a little useful or fun. The TweetStats application lets you know about the number of your tweets on hourly basis or monthly basis, your tweet density, your maximum replies to which twitter user, aggregates and what twitter interface your prefer. It’s a good web application with useful statistics.
  9. Twitter Grade : Another statistic tool. Twitter grade measures the power of your twitter profile. I am not sure about the aspects of measurement and whether the tool is accurate, as my profile page was given score of 98/100. Twitter Grade also tells you how high you rank globally and regionally.
  10. Twitter Counter : Another stats application. Basically a deep detailed analytical web application i would say. It also provides twitter followers counter badges. Just show off the number of followers like you did with feedburner reader stats. There is much more to it and it’s all about statistics. One of the first twitter applications i ever used.
  11. Friend or Follow : Oh! I absolutely love this tool. I use it very frequently. This tool tells you all those friends whom you are following but they are not following you back. It also tells you those twitter users that are following you but you are not following them back. It really brings out lot of things you many have never known. For instance i have a friend who thinks “more followers and lesser following” stats will make him look cool. So he follows me, and when i follow him back, he will un-follow me. Now if you have lot of users, you may never know that he stopped following you. So this tool comes in handy. Moreover, the layout is awesome as the tool lists twitter user by avatar images.
  12. twhirl : A fully loaded social software desktop client, based on Adobe air platform. The reason they call it social software is because of the fact that it helps you manage multiple Twitter, laconi.ca, Friendfeed and Seesmic accounts on one single software. It also has link shorten functionality and has TwitPic in-built function as well. It also has an integrated Twitter search. So an extremely essential software for your PC. This software works on both Windows and Mac OSX.
  13. Twitter Fone : A pretty cool twitter client for your cell phones or mobile twittering as people call it. TwitterFone lets you update your tweets using your voice by any mobile or cell phone. You simply call a number, speak your tweet and hang up. Just within minutes, your tweet will be published on your twitter account. Now how cool is that? I am yet to try this tool/service but i am sure it’s useful.
  14. Twitter Search : The official search engine of twitter. Twitter Search allows you to find out what’s happening in the world beyond your personal timeline.
  15. Tweet Wasters : Finally, the last tool that i really like is a useless Tweet Waster web tool. This tool tells you how much time do you spend/waste on twitter. The site has a hall of fame with top most twitter time wasters. They also display the recent searched twitter time wasters.

They are hundred more twitter tool and application on web. Perhaps it’s not easy to blog about them all at once but i would definitely try to notify you of every good tool n application there is, out there on web. For now, i hope you have enjoyed my list of 15 most essential twitter tools, applications and software. If youl liked this post then do not forget to rate it and Tweet it 😉

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