BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost Web Hosting
BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost has been around for pretty long now. They have been providing hosting services since the year 1996. And yes, it’s again a good quality web hosting, with affordable prices.

Honestly, i have seen many websites being hosted on BlueHost in the recent times. They have certainly been a popular choice among many webmasters. And yes, i do use their hosting services as well. I really am highly satisfied with their services. However, BlueHost and Hostmonster do have too many features in common so it is really hard to make a choice between these two.

Anyways, what i like about BlueHost is that they have a good support team that specializes in customer satisfaction. Unlike most of the web hosting services, BlueHost does not over-brag on their website as far as the features and recognition is concerned. And of course they offer the following features which i find of utmost importance, whenever i look for a webhost. The primary features are:

  • Unlimited Hosting Space.
  • Unlimited File Transfer. (That’s the same as Bandwidth)
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting.
  • Free Site Builder.
  • Free Domain Forever. (You do not to read the terms on their site for understanding the meaning of “Forever” 😉
  • SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, Stats, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL
  • And 24/7, professional sales/service support.

Fantastico is other necessity for me. And BlueHost does provide Fantastico enabled CPanel as well. And as far as backups and uptime are concerned, they do offer secure and reliable backups of your data, plus they guarantee maximum uptime for your hosting. Other than that, like most of the webhosts, even BlueHost do provide some Yahoo and Google’s promotional coupons for you to enjoy with.

BlueHost believes in solid and honest business. The very fact that they have been providing hosting services to thousand of businesses and individuals, since the year 1996, just proves the same.  And their web hosting plans include all the features that you actually require and that too at pretty affordable price. So what are the price anyways?

  • 3 Months Price is $9.95 Per Month. Setup Fee: $30 and Domain Cost: $10
  • 6 Months Price is $9.95 Per Month. Setup Fee: $30 and Domain Cost: $10
  • 12 Months Price is $7.95 Per Month. Setup Fee: $0 and Domain Cost: $0
  • 24 Months Price is $6.95 Per Month. Setup Fee: $0 and Domain Cost: $0
  • 36 Months Price is $6.95 Per Month. Setup Fee: $0 and Domain Cost: $0

Again, you save more on long term relationship with BlueHost. I would always recommend you to go for 12 months package or the 24/36 months package. Their is absolutely no point in going for 3 or 6 month package as i believe the setup fee is just a wast of money when going for a new webhost.

However if you are interested in a kind of host that accepts payments on monthly basis and does not have any setup fees etc, i would always recommend Hostgator Web Hosting for you!

BlueHost Web Hosting
BlueHost Web Hosting

By the way, BlueHost accepts payment via Paypal and credit card as well. So that’s an additional feature from this web hosting company. So if you are already impressed with these features, why not sign up for a web hosting package with BlueHost. 😉

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