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Wordpress Plugins

WordPress Plugins For SE Optimization

It's already said by many that a success to a website comes from an original and good quality content. In other words "Content is the king". However, fewer webmasters know that along with great content, a site also need to follow some basic search engine optimization techniques. Most of you are here on this post because you need help regarding SE optimization of your websites. Well, it is not as difficult as you think. Some great developers from world has made it very very simple for you already. In regards to wordpress blogs, great developers have written programs in shape of wordpress plugins. And all you have to do is to download following plugins, upload them on your wordpress site and use them. That's it! :) Implementing these wordpress plugins with your content is half the work done. Rest half depends on your intelligence and creativity. So let's get started with the useful Search Engine Optimization plugins that one can…

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IBP Software

Top 10 Rankings With IBP Software

Being a webmaster, I really know the importance of top rankings for keywords in all major search engines, especially in Google! But it isn't that easy to rank for all major keywords for all your websites. You can argue that one or two of your websites rank well in top ten ranks or in top 20, but the fact is 75 percent of web traffic will never find your site if you are on the second page of Google results. Imagine what percentage of people coming to your site and converting that traffic into sales. We are talking huge increase in traffic and deep money! :) Okay, So now I have your little attention and I believe we all accept the fact that it is difficult to get the rankings. But what if we do get into the top 10 on a big search engine like Google. You can't even possibly imagine the benefits you will reap from it. To…

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SEO Book

SEO Book By Aaron Wall

If you are a webmaster, you may have noticed that not every site of yours is able to gain good search engine rankings. And for the obvious reason of your site not being search engine optimized, you get a low revenue from your websites. Well, this happens to 95 percent webmasters. So you are not the only one facing this frustrating problem where you work hard and yet fail to get a good revenue out of your adsense websites. The difference that successful 5 percent differs from the rest 95 percent fellows is that they believe in the power of search engine optimization. Rankings, SERPS, traffic is the key to your success. Fact is that 90 percent of world will never discover your site even if you rank on page 2 of good keyword on Google search results. That's the difference ranking really makes to a website. Anyways, enough of talking about what you can achieve and what you are…

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