Cybers eBay WordPress Plugin

Now making money by blogging through eBay just got much much easier. Combining the power of eBay affiliates and one of the best CMS scripts called WordPress, one can easily fish, handsome amount of affiliate money from eBay.

David Cooley, the man behind this wonderful plugin, has already made lot of money usingĀ  automated eBay affiliate offers on few of his niche blogs. Very recently, he released that money making code in form of a wordpress plugin that you can download and get started in just few minutes. You’ll soon realize that making money blogging and by eBay was never so easy!

As per the official words on Cybers eBay WordPress Plugin, “It is a simple yet highly effective way of showing eBay products on WordPress Posts. Not only does the plugin make it easy to show eBay products it also enhances the content of each post based on the Niche keywords you select. With CybersEbay Plugin you can define how many eBay Listings are shown on posts and pick a specific keyword for each post.”

Well, isn’t that smart? You wrote a post anyways, but now you can earn from that particular posts by just adding the keyword of that post to the custom field provided by this amazing plugin. Thereafter you don’t have to worry about anything as this little devil plugin will take care of everything else. It finds all the best and appropriate offers with the help of the provided keywords and displays the best ads right below the post. Once the visitors on your blog purchase an item, your commission is sent to you by eBay, almost instantly. Chweeeets!!!!

Just as an example, here is how this money making plugin works on a simple wordpress post. Let’s say the article is titled “Fun Stocking Stuffers” and the keyword for eBay is “Christmas Stocking Stuffers”. Here’s the result:

Cybers eBay WordPress Plugin
Cybers eBay WordPress Plugin

Isn’t that super cool and very tempting. The creator of the plugin, David Cooley, himself got a $27 worth commission after just trying out the plugin during testing of the plugin. So what is stopping you from makings hundreds or even thousands of dollars? Besides, this plugin is available at a very very low price of $17 (The price may vary later). I think it’s an affordable price for anyone and everyone and you can definitely make hell lot of money from this plugin. So why not buy Cybers eBay WordPress Plugin and start making money from eBay right away. Just use the “Buy Now” button to get started and with little luck and your efforts, you will be minting good amount of money pretty soon.

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