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expert-120x240-feb-22As you might have already noticed, i am always on a lookout for good web hosts. Few months ago i came across a web host called IX Web Hosting that offered heck of a deal. I really appreciated the features they offer and specially their pricing. But i never signed up with them for hosting. Reason being that they do not accept Paypal or Google Checkout. So the only option you have is to use your credit card. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. My friends are using their services and they are pretty happy with it. I, on the other hand cannot make big payments with my credit card, that too in American currency. So heartbroken i had to quit the idea of using their service.

Today i again went to their site, just hoping if they added any other payment option. Unfortunately they did not. But hey, i saw a new design at their site. Earlier version of their design was pretty ordinary or simple shall i say. And there was this speech robot that you see on many sites and yet those speech bots are not successful. Anyways, this new design was pretty pleasing to eyes. Kind of web 2.0 design. Anyways, i thought, perhaps i cannot use my credit card. But many of you who can, would definitely like to grab this hosting service. So i thought why not spread the word around! 🙂

I won’t go into much details. But as for main features, here goes. You get two types of servers, i.e. Linux or Windows based. In Linux based server category, there are three plans for hosting. First one is called Expert plan. If you pay upfront for 24 months, then you get the hosting at an amazing price of $3.95 per month effectively. You can host unlimited websites in that plan, plus you get one free domain and one dedicated IP address as well. *Cough* *Cough* I am already feeling jealous of those who can use their services.

Moving on, the second plan is called Business Plus Plan. You get unlimited hosting and two free domains and 8 dedicated IP address. You can get this plan for $6.45 (paid upfront for 24 months). Boy! How much better can it get? Well, moving onto third plan, it’s called Unlimited Pro plan. You can buy it for $12.95 per month effectively, when paid for 24 months in advance. And….you get three free domain and you also get 16 dedicated IP Addresses.

SEO point of view, IP Addresses point of view and cheap web hosting point of view, this seems to be the best web hosting service on net. You can argue that there are cheaper hosts than IX Web Hosting but how many of those have satisfied clients/customers? I think that’s near to zero. So ask me and i would definitely say that this is one of the best growing web hosting services.

I am not too keen about Windows based servers. So you can probably go to IX Web Hosting and see the prices and offers by yourself (Sorry for not helping you much).

In the end, i definitely think IX Web Hosting is worth trying out. As per my friends who are using them, they are pretty satisfied with the hosting and support. If you think you are ready for this web host, or if you think you want to see more details on the plans and then sign up, then please go ahead and visit IX Web Hosting! 🙂

P.S. If by any chance, an IX web hosting staff comes here, i need to suggest you guys something. Your advertisement banners looks like a century old. Get some new banners or probably you can hire me to make some new ones for you 😉

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