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Finance Blog Free Wordpress Theme

Finance Blog Free WordPress Theme

We had fair bit of success with her first wordpress theme called "AutoBlog Wordpress Theme". Our blog is new and we already have downloads in three figures. For which i would like to thank you! :) Now i am here with second wordpress theme from 1 Main Street designs. It's called the Finance Blog Wordpress Theme. As the name suggests it's a special theme for Finance niche blogs. However it can be used by webmasters for their personal blogs as well. Specially those money making blogs. Our theme will really suit them. ;) Like my previous theme, this theme is also very simple in nature. It's a two column theme, with right widgetized sidebar. It is again a fixed width wordpress theme and is compatible with the latest 2.7.1 version of wordpress. I chose green color for this theme because it somehow resembles money to me. Anyways, i again have placed advertising option in the sidebar. As you can see…

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Host Monster Web Hosting

Host Monster Web Hosting

Host Monster, in all true sense is a monster when it comes to shared web hosting. It is one of the most popular of all web hosts probably because of it's wide range of  hosting features. Moreover, they have been providing hosting solutions since the year 1996. Since then, they have been hosting thousands of business and personal websites. So they really are up to the mark in all aspects of hosting. But what really makes them stand out from the rest is the pricing for the web hosting. Let me just begin with stating some of it's features before i mention the price! :) Host Monster Hosting Features: Unlimited Hosting Space Unlimited Site Bandwidth Host Unlimited Websites Free Domain Along With Free Privacy SSH Access, SSL, FTP, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL 99% Uptime Guarantee Instant Setup For Your Hosting Account Some Google n Yahoo Credits CPanel (Pretty Recent cPanel) > So you get Fantastico also! Free Site…

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Buy Sell Domains

Buy Sell Domains? Where To Register?

Probably the first step a webmaster learns is to find a good domain registrar. At that time, you try to search all search engines and sort out the good registrars out of the many. You probably would also contact other webmasters at different forums or probably talk to your webmaster friends. However, in the end, when you are done with your selections and analysis, you won't find many popular registrars but probably your search will end with registrars like or So you have selected your initial domain registrar and you start registering domains and make good websites out of them. That's what i have done so far in my webmaster career. But now i have money and i want to buy some premium domains. Or probably i want to buy domains that are owned by another webmaster whom they wish to sell. Or i can also be wanting a domain that are being expired and has some importance…

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IX Web Hosting

As you might have already noticed, i am always on a lookout for good web hosts. Few months ago i came across a web host called IX Web Hosting that offered heck of a deal. I really appreciated the features they offer and specially their pricing. But i never signed up with them for hosting. Reason being that they do not accept Paypal or Google Checkout. So the only option you have is to use your credit card. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. My friends are using their services and they are pretty happy with it. I, on the other hand cannot make big payments with my credit card, that too in American currency. So heartbroken i had to quit the idea of using their service. Today i again went to their site, just hoping if they added any other payment option. Unfortunately they did not. But hey, i saw a new design at their site. Earlier version…

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StudioBlue WordPress Theme

StudioBlue WordPress Theme

If you really wondered as to what theme are we using on our blog, then here is the answer to your question. The theme is called StudioBlue and the theme comes from the great wordpress theme club of ElegantThemes. I really do like the StudioBlue theme. It really has lot of features and functionality that otherwise lacks in many premium themes and free themes. And what's even better is that this theme like every Elegant Theme, comes in various colors. We are using the Black version of this theme at the moment. But you can chose from Green, Purple, Blue and Brown. And all the options are just on one page. So you just have to select which color you want and what all advertisements and theme options you want. Believe me, this theme is really one of the best of all themes available on the web. This theme comes for a mere $19.95 along with many other themes. That's…

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