PureType WordPress Theme

Elegant Themes recently launched a new wordpress theme titled Pure Type WordPress Theme. If i had to explain the theme in word, it would be “Wow”. 🙂

If you are a regular reader at 1MainStreet online magazine, by now you would have realized that out of all the themes club, i am really a big fan of Elegant Themes. Major reason that makes it my number one choice has to be it’s pricing. Other than that, the quality of themes is amazing. One might argue that many other themes look a lot better than elegant themes. This might be true but the thing is that they just look good. But when you go ahead and install them, not only would you be tired working over it’s tiny tits-bits but will end up uninstalling it and searching for some other theme. Simple reason for this is that not many great looking themes are practical enough to be used on a simple wordpress blog. If you are a general blogger like i am, you would like to use more of a practical theme rather than the great looking one.

This however does not mean that Elegant Themes are not good looking. In fact they are great. And PureType wordpress theme is no exception whatsoever. You just have to see the demo to believe in it. I have already been using it on few weblogs of mine. Special thing about this PureType wordpress theme is that it simple yet elegant looking theme without any images. Yes, that’s right. It’s an imageless wordpress theme that actually does help with faster loading time for your blog, and in some ways with the search engine optimization as well. However, if you do not like the default white colored PureType theme, then it does come in black and blue color as well. As in all Elegant Themes, you do get widget ready sidebars, automatic thumbnails resizing, themes option page, smooth tableless design, featured article display, manageable advertisement  options and optional blog-style post layout among many other features. And yes, the theme has been tested in all major browsers and is compatible with wordpress 2.7. Phew! That’s a heavy loaded wordpress theme for you!

So how much does this theme actually cost you? Well, not much at all. Just $19.95 a year for the membership of theme club. And with this membership, not only will you be able to get access to PureType WordPress Theme, but you will also get many many other great premium wordpress themes with it. Of course you do get access to all future upgrades as well, as long as your membership is active. 🙂

Here is a small preview pic of this theme. For more screenshots and live demo, you can visit Elegant Themes.

PureType Premium WordPress Theme
PureType Premium WordPress Theme

PureType WordPress Theme PureType WordPress Theme

I am sure you will love their themes as much as i do. Why not try the themes for an year at least. It’s worth spending money in compared to the other wordpress themes club on internet which have prices of $$$ for single themes. Act Smart and join Elegant WordPress Themes Club today itself.

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