StudioBlue WordPress Theme

If you really wondered as to what theme are we using on our blog, then here is the answer to your question. The theme is called StudioBlue and the theme comes from the great wordpress theme club of ElegantThemes.

I really do like the StudioBlue theme. It really has lot of features and functionality that otherwise lacks in many premium themes and free themes. And what’s even better is that this theme like every Elegant Theme, comes in various colors. We are using the Black version of this theme at the moment. But you can chose from Green, Purple, Blue and Brown. And all the options are just on one page. So you just have to select which color you want and what all advertisements and theme options you want. Believe me, this theme is really one of the best of all themes available on the web.

This theme comes for a mere $19.95 along with many other themes. That’s right, the annual membership of the club is $19.95 wherein you get great wordpress themes, all kept up-to-date with the latest wordpress versions and future access to all the new upcoming themes etc. Believe me, this is the best deal on net. No other wordpress theme club gives you a membership at such low price even though when their themes are not up to the level as is that of Elegant Themes 🙂

So here is a StudioBlue Elegant theme preview for you! Hopefully you would like it, as much as i do!

StudioBlue WordPress Theme
StudioBlue WordPress Theme

Just some more information on StudioBlue theme. Well, you get widget ready sidebars, theme options page, Gravatar ready, compatible with wordpress latest version, advertisement ready, etc. And yes, it has been tested and works perfectly on all major web browsers. You do get the in-built option of featured articles and thumbnail auto resizing. So a great theme over all. 🙂

I am sure you would be completely satisfied with all the themes at Elegant Themes. Do join em, it’s worth every penny!

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  1. Rajib Miah

    I use the Studio Blue theme on my site at I use the default blue instead of the black used here. The support at elegantthemes is excellent, especially for any new blogger that needs a little help. And no, I am not getting paid to write this.

    By the way, great implementation of the Studio Blue theme. I will be visiting often.

  2. 1 Main Street

    Your site looks great Rajib Miah.
    And i know that yours is not a paid comment.

    By the way, i added some changes to StudioBlue theme in regards to WP-Navigation plugin. You can read that in Elegant Theme support forum, under StudioBlue sub-forum. The thread is opened under my name “Sharat Jaswal”. 🙂

    P.S. I moved your comment from the post of eVid wordpress theme to this post, as i thought it best suited here! 🙂

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