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PureType WordPress Theme

PureType WordPress Theme

Elegant Themes recently launched a new wordpress theme titled Pure Type Wordpress Theme. If i had to explain the theme in word, it would be "Wow". :) If you are a regular reader at 1MainStreet online magazine, by now you would have realized that out of all the themes club, i am really a big fan of Elegant Themes. Major reason that makes it my number one choice has to be it's pricing. Other than that, the quality of themes is amazing. One might argue that many other themes look a lot better than elegant themes. This might be true but the thing is that they just look good. But when you go ahead and install them, not only would you be tired working over it's tiny tits-bits but will end up uninstalling it and searching for some other theme. Simple reason for this is that not many great looking themes are practical enough to be used on a simple…

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Woo Wordpress Themes Club

Woo WordPress Themes Club

Wow! I love wordpress themes club. And Woo Themes Club is no exception. I really love 'em. After all this theme club is a creation of three known and respected wordpress designers namely Adii, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester. Their passion for wordpress can be seen in the themes itself. Not only do they design good looking wordpress themes, but each and every theme at woo club really has something special, unique and different to offer. In my honest opinion, I still believe that Elegant Themes is a better wordpress club in terms of pricing and their themes and much more practical and usable. But Woo Club ain't behind. Their own site speaks for their talent and the wordpress themes are magical. As on now i see 25 themes for offer at their website. Good thing is that you can buy a single theme if you like it or you can go for all themes. It's up to you and…

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Finance Blog Free Wordpress Theme

Finance Blog Free WordPress Theme

We had fair bit of success with her first wordpress theme called "AutoBlog Wordpress Theme". Our blog is new and we already have downloads in three figures. For which i would like to thank you! :) Now i am here with second wordpress theme from 1 Main Street designs. It's called the Finance Blog Wordpress Theme. As the name suggests it's a special theme for Finance niche blogs. However it can be used by webmasters for their personal blogs as well. Specially those money making blogs. Our theme will really suit them. ;) Like my previous theme, this theme is also very simple in nature. It's a two column theme, with right widgetized sidebar. It is again a fixed width wordpress theme and is compatible with the latest 2.7.1 version of wordpress. I chose green color for this theme because it somehow resembles money to me. Anyways, i again have placed advertising option in the sidebar. As you can see…

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StudioBlue WordPress Theme

StudioBlue WordPress Theme

If you really wondered as to what theme are we using on our blog, then here is the answer to your question. The theme is called StudioBlue and the theme comes from the great wordpress theme club of ElegantThemes. I really do like the StudioBlue theme. It really has lot of features and functionality that otherwise lacks in many premium themes and free themes. And what's even better is that this theme like every Elegant Theme, comes in various colors. We are using the Black version of this theme at the moment. But you can chose from Green, Purple, Blue and Brown. And all the options are just on one page. So you just have to select which color you want and what all advertisements and theme options you want. Believe me, this theme is really one of the best of all themes available on the web. This theme comes for a mere $19.95 along with many other themes. That's…

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Auto Blog Free Wordpress Theme

Auto Blog Free WordPress Theme

Auto Blog Free Wordpress Theme is our first ever theme on 1 Main Street. :) It's a special theme for automobile niche blogs and for personal blogs wherein the blogger like cars. The theme is very simple with right side widget ready sidebars. It is a fixed width WordPress theme and is compatible with WordPress 2.7. The sidebar consists of space for 125x125 ad banners on the top right. For your convenience, we have already placed four blank banners in there. The theme also supports WP Image Caption functionality and Gravatar functionality. I have personally checked the theme on major browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari. We do not have any sponsor links etc on the theme but we will appreciate if you leave our link as the designer of the theme. Thanks This Theme Has Been Downloaded [downloadcounter(AutoBlogWordpressTheme)] Times I hope you like our Auto Blog Free Wordpress Theme. If…

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