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Woo Wordpress Themes Club

Woo WordPress Themes Club

Wow! I love wordpress themes club. And Woo Themes Club is no exception. I really love 'em. After all this theme club is a creation of three known and respected wordpress designers namely Adii, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester. Their passion for wordpress can be seen in the themes itself. Not only do they design good looking wordpress themes, but each and every theme at woo club really has something special, unique and different to offer. In my honest opinion, I still believe that Elegant Themes is a better wordpress club in terms of pricing and their themes and much more practical and usable. But Woo Club ain't behind. Their own site speaks for their talent and the wordpress themes are magical. As on now i see 25 themes for offer at their website. Good thing is that you can buy a single theme if you like it or you can go for all themes. It's up to you and…

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StudioBlue WordPress Theme

StudioBlue WordPress Theme

If you really wondered as to what theme are we using on our blog, then here is the answer to your question. The theme is called StudioBlue and the theme comes from the great wordpress theme club of ElegantThemes. I really do like the StudioBlue theme. It really has lot of features and functionality that otherwise lacks in many premium themes and free themes. And what's even better is that this theme like every Elegant Theme, comes in various colors. We are using the Black version of this theme at the moment. But you can chose from Green, Purple, Blue and Brown. And all the options are just on one page. So you just have to select which color you want and what all advertisements and theme options you want. Believe me, this theme is really one of the best of all themes available on the web. This theme comes for a mere $19.95 along with many other themes. That's…

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