Woo WordPress Themes Club

Wow! I love wordpress themes club. And Woo Themes Club is no exception.

I really love ’em. After all this theme club is a creation of three known and respected wordpress designers namely Adii, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester. Their passion for wordpress can be seen in the themes itself. Not only do they design good looking wordpress themes, but each and every theme at woo club really has something special, unique and different to offer.

In my honest opinion, I still believe that Elegant Themes is a better wordpress club in terms of pricing and their themes and much more practical and usable. But Woo Club ain’t behind. Their own site speaks for their talent and the wordpress themes are magical. As on now i see 25 themes for offer at their website. Good thing is that you can buy a single theme if you like it or you can go for all themes. It’s up to you and how much you can afford. Hey, you can also get five brilliant premium looking themes for free. Checkout the themes section on their site and you will know which one i am talking about. Of course these 5 free themes are not as good as the other themes, but still you will like ’em.

Woo Themes are really getting popular. And why not? They have been around for pretty long and they are doing a great job with the wordpress themes. But what really impresses me is that they are here to stay. I still remember how WPDesigner.com got sold out and their theme club was closed due to change of ownership. There even have been few who launched a theme or two and never bothered to make more additions to the theme club or even upgrade the previous themes to the latest version. But no such worries with Woo Themes i guess.

Although i think both you and me will prefer that you visit Woo Themes for having a look at their themes, but still, here is a preview of what you find in there:

Funny thing is that while i was writing this post i had the theme page of Woo Themes opened before me. And moment i refreshed it, i saw that they just launched a new theme that you can also see in the above gallery. It’s called Newsport Theme and it looks to be pretty interesting. 😉

So what are you waiting for. Go ahead and join Woo Themes Club today!

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